Here are some of the playlists I made while writing my novels:

The Circle

The Silence of Scheherazade


At the
Breakfast Table



You can enjoy the videos made for some of my books here:

The Circle

The Silence of Scheherazade

Summer Heat

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At The Breakfast Table London/UK Launch

Book Tours

In Turkey I take my readers to the places that inspire me for the scenes of my novels:

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With readers at the Menzilhane Inn, where Avinash stays

Old Turkish Neighbourhood

At the Old Aydın Train Station

Reading at the old Agia Katerina district

This is how I studied old Smyrna

Where Scheherazade meets Hilmi Rahmi

At the station across Edith’s house

I'm reading The Silence of Scheherazade in front of the Old English Hospital

Dreaming of old Smyrna under an ancient magnolia tree

With my dear readers

At the Old Kasaba Train Station

By the old Byzantium city walls of Istanbul I am reading a piece from Summer Heat

Chatting with readers on the branches of a tree, which could make it to today, from the Agia Katerina district

At the old Aydın Station

My first encounter with old Smyrna map at the Estia Nea Smirnis in Athens

Sumbul's Old House

At the Smyrna Quay

In front of the Christos Monastery at Prinkipo, with readers of At the Breakfast Table

Taking Summer Heat readers to Byzantium times

While taking readers of The Silence of Scheherazade around the streets of old Smyrna

Dreaming of old Smyrna

Researching old Smyrna in new Izmir, a bit of a detective work is sometimes needed

Concluding the Tour in İzmir

Reading from Summer Heat in the Greek highschool of Fanari

On the Magnoia Tree

In front of the Mansion with Tower

Once upon a time here was Agia Katerina Church

TSOS 2022 Book Tour Group

At a tree which survived the Great Fire of Smyrna

Looking for a house for my characters in Istanbul

Imagining Edith Lamarck in Bournabat

Taking readers around Prinkipo, where my novel At the Breakfast Table takes place

Chatting with the Readers

Streets of Istanbul—always my inspiration

Meeting with the readers in Smyrna

Researching old Smyrna in new Izmir, a bit of a detective work is sometimes needed

Taking the Street Car with the readers