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At The Breakfast Table

At The Breakfast Table by Defne Suman is a deeply involving and absorbing read, told from four different perspectives from family members of the great artist Shirin Saka who has gathered the family to celebrate her 100th birthday. As the present unravels and the past, full of secrets, unfolds, we see the impact of history and also personal action that causes events and emotions that are unpredictable and untamable. An in-depth exploration of family and feelings, there is so much to explore in this novel and so much to enjoy.”
—Sarahwood7, Sarah Wood; Freelance content strategist & copywriter

“Beautifully translated, this is a powerfully affecting book. It draws you in and gets your skin, taking you on a journey that stays with you long after you have turned the final page. If you yet to discover Defne Suman, then you are in a for an absolute treat.”
—brownflopsy, Sue Thomas

“This is an evocative and deftly written book in which pacing allows secrets to be revealed memory by memory, the product of incremental admissions that together, over time, build a world that the recipients never knew existed.”
—reads_eats_explores, Georgina, Avid Reader

“This is a glorious book, world! The second novel I’ve read by Defne Suman and it exceeded my expectations—a new favorite.”
—kellysmagicalreads, Kelly

At The Breakfast Table is a beautifully written, slow-burning novel which manages to combine levels of mystery and intrigue with politics, family relationships, trauma, heart-ache, and long-held secrets.”

“A fantastic story told from four different perspectives, which I adored. Reading everyone’s versions of the story was fascinating… A slow burner, but perfect to read on a rainy weekend and it does capture you fully.”
—Empalmer09, Emma Jayne Palmer

At The Breakfast Table is an incredible ode to Turkish families. With descriptive, beautiful writing, I was transported to a Turkish breakfast spread, lush with family drama, delectable food and enough tension to fill an island.”

“A love story, a mystery, a beautiful and often heartbreaking, portrayal of the landscapes, culture and history of Turkey but most of all a clever and compassionate examination of generational trauma and the damage that family secrets can produce… A stunning read.”
—numberslady-reads, Lisa Spicer

“It’s rich storytelling of family and a history that cannot remain buried. I enjoyed this book thoroughly.”
—therayleighreader, Claire

“This was a fascinating story that gave me a glimpse of Turkish life. I enjoyed learning more of the present and the past through their recollections.”
—reading.while.procrastinating, Melissa

The Silence of Scheherazade

The Silence of Scheherazade is literary fiction at its best.”
Dorota Galeza

“The City of Smyrna is captured beautifully within its pages, the story weaving its way through time”
Blotted Ink Books

“The writing and descriptions were simply impeccable… A beautiful and breathtaking read. This is a must read for historical fiction fans.”
Laura Patricia Rose

“I was submerged into the culturally rich and atmospheric city of Smyrna from the offset. This is an epic saga abundant in history and infused with love, loss and despair as each character is brought to life… Defne Suman is a true storyteller as each page, each sentence flowed with perfection making it difficult to put down.”
The Thoughts of a Bibliophile

“Beautifully written and translated, this is a moving and richly evocative story.”

“An immersive and important piece of translated historical fiction that I’m glad to have experienced.”
My Dark Bibliophile

“I fell in love with the Suman’s marvellous, evocative writing… The cultural background was a massive YES for me. I felt I could almost smell and see certain passages of this novel or even listen to the busy and the overcrowded streets here.”
Nightfall Mysteries

“In a cast of characters, the most standout for me was the historical figure of the city of Smyrna. She acts as a source of strength, beauty, and truth—a home and refuge for so many.”
Frenzy Reads

“Suman’s writing is complex and beautiful.”

“Defne writes in such a beautiful, lyrical fashion that instantly draws me into the plot. Every sight, sound and smell is so easy to conjure in my mind which makes this book a dream to read. I adore the amount of detail that has been added to bring these characters to life—they’re all complex and whole, it’s hard not to believe that they existed!”
Passports and Paperbacks

“Throughout the novel there is an underlying tension—as the reader you know what is coming, yet when the devastating tragedy arrives it’s written so powerfully that there are moments that genuinely take your breath away. But there are also real moments of beauty, like the epilogue which tied everything off perfectly for me.”

“This is one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read… there is something so unique about the way that history is told through the pages, that made this to be a very compelling read. During some chapters I had to stop and take a breath because there was so much beauty delivered only through a few words that blew my mind.”

“Suman is a wonderful storyteller and plot crafter.”
Leyla’s Blog

“I was gripped with curiosity about this cast of compelling characters and this story of grand scale, all set at the heart of the Ottoman empire. Suman tells this epic with languishing, exquisite, stark, tragic and careful details.”

“I was blown away by the lush atmospheric writing and the beautiful prose.”
Books and Lovely Things

“This is one of the most heartbreaking, poetic family sagas I’ve ever read.”
Annies Book Thoughts

The Silence of Scheherazade is a wonderfully crafted and hard-hitting read that’s most definitely one to look out for for fans of historical fiction and the nature of storytelling. Highly recommended!’
Wildflower Library

“I must say that while I’ve not read the original text of this story, I think the translation of this book has been done brilliantly as you really can’t tell that it’s transitioned from another language. The prose and dialogue flow naturally…”
E. F. Paterson

The Silence of Scheherazade is a beautifully and poetically written novel.”
Livs Little Reads

“Breathtaking in scope, style, & content.”
Sharon Choe Writes

“This was a beautiful, sweeping novel which devastated me but also moved me.”
Tilly Loves Books

“It was immersive story telling at its finest.”

“This is a beautiful but deeply moving account of one of history’s tragic moments. Sweeping, epic and thought-provoking; it is a book to be savoured.”

“It is beautifully written, culturally rich and it has a gorgeous poetic writing style. The book has its own unique atmosphere which is evident from the very first page.”
Twisted In Pages

“I devoured this book and found myself utterly lost to the tantalising descriptions of the exotic surroundings.”

“This novel is like an amalgamation of people from different cultures and the result is astoundingly beautiful.”

“Breathtaking, historical, emotional, delicate, educational, engaging, dark and complex but beautifully written and just altogether a pure genius of a masterpiece and that’s just a few descriptive words I can give to you.”

“I got very emotional reading about such an important time in history that seems to be forgotten.”